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Areas to Visit



Stepping into the lobby, you walk into an atmosphere of understated elegance and quiet certitude as exemplified by the arrested tones of the office’s tempered minimalist design.

Portraits of Roman and Herminio Ozaeta tower over the reception area.  Right across the hall is the Romulo Room. This was established in honor of the Queen of Denmark who designated Atty. Ricardo J. Romulo Honorary Consul in 2002 and conferred on him the Knight’s Cross of Order of Dannebrog in 2012.

Board Room


The boardroom comes highly equipped to enable the lawyers to communicate with clients or partners all over the world. Enhancing the interconnectivity of the room are the interactive boards, projection screens, video conferencing facilities, and internet TV.

Breakout Room

Breakout Area

Thoughtfully-crafted compact spaces, the Breakout Area is meant to provide lawyers and clients with a place to meet privately during conferences or negotiations.



The repository of knowledge and archive of experience, the library contains a good number of reference materials including the Philippine Reports from 1901 to 1961 and the Supreme Court Report Annotated (SCRA) from 1961 to the present.  Complementing the wealth of resources found in these Reports are a variety of law books which cater to the needs of every area of specialization.

Lecture Room

Lecture Room

Able to accommodate more than 30 people, the Lecture Room provides a venue for speaking engagements and lectures designed to cater to the various needs of the firm.



The Pantry is definitely a very popular place for both the lawyers and the staff as it provides them with the chance to take a breather from their hectic schedule and daily workload.

Huddle Room

Huddle Room

As the imagery of the name suggests, the Huddle Room gives lawyers an area where they can brainstorm, plan strategies, and draw up blueprints needed to resolve issues in complex transactions or cases.

Sculptural Wall

Sculptural Wall of the Link Stairs

The Sculptural Wall of the Link Stairs provides a fresh departure to the austerity of the firm’s minimalist linear design on the way to the 2nd level.